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Where does organic food come from?

Organic foods comprises of the following : all grains, vegetables and fruit that are grown by the age old traditional method using natural fertilizers like manure, compost etc and without the use of chemical based fertilizers. Organic foods also mean meat, poultry and dairy products that are grown without the aid of antibiotics, genetic engineering and artificial growth hormones. These are the best choice to make for health as they are closely monitored and ensured to be free of any contaminants. If you have made a commitment to eat healthy and go green this is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself and also the grocery store that you buy your food from. The reason is that the food you consume has a great impact on your health and that of the planet.

Always ensure that you buy local organic food. It burns less carbon since there is very little transportation involved. Our daily lives i.e. eating, living, transportation in any case contributes to the greenhouse effect. If we buy from the local farm or market, instead of buying exotic food transported from some overseas country we shall reduce our carbon footprint thereby contributing to saving the planet for future generations.

Organic food also helps the ecosystem by being cleaner to produce since it involves the usage of no chemicals. Therefore, if you are purchasing your food at the grocery store or if you are sitting down for a meal in a restaurant, ask this question “Where does this organic food come from?”

You need to ensure that your food choices are local. For instance, if you live on the seaside, choose local fish. In case you live in a landlocked area, buy local vegetables, and always chose hormone free organic meats and poultry. Your dairy products should also come from such sources.

The best organic food can be sourced from farmers markets, local farms and family farms. These days since organic food is growing more and more popular, you can find them in supermarkets, health food stores, specialty stores, gourmet delis and co-ops. Organic food is too expensive. If you only purchase these from the organic section or natural foods section of your local grocer, you will pay too much for them. So reduce your dependency on the supermarkets and shop around. You can research the prices on the internet.

Since the food is wholesome, healthy and tasty, most people do not mind paying a bit more for organic food. However, if you want to continue to buy organic, it is easier to do so if you can find more economical sources than the local supermarket.
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