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Why is Organic Food Better

The virtues of organic food are many, and even though there are very irresponsible people who stridently go on trying to argue that there are no known benefits of organic food, consider these reasons given in this article on why organic food is better.

Health experts agree that organic food is natural, pure and highly nutritious. Moreover it is tastier and completely safe. Organic food is grown without any chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers and growth hormones. This means that it is pure. Raw organic food cleanses the body, eliminates toxic waste. It is rich in nutrients, trace minerals and vitamins, therefore very nutritious.

A. Organic food is good for the planet

Organic food farming does not harm the planet. Large scale use of fertilizers and pesticides has harmed our soil. If we start production and usage of organic food, it will help balancing the bio system and also be beneficial for our earth.

Consider why organic food is better even in the short term:

The local fauna will not be harmed since groundwater and topsoil will not be contaminated by chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Our water bodies will be safer for the same reason.

Balance of nature will be maintained.

Artificial aids to farming consume a lot of energy. Organic food relies on natural sources so less energy will be consumed

Wasteful agriculture will not be done, so it will prove more economical in the long run.

Since we will not be polluting the environment, we will be helping to save our planet.

B. Organic food is good for the farmers’ health:

Farmers today are constantly exposed to extremely dangerous chemicals that are present in pesticides and fertilizers. They have led to serious health problems in the farmers and farm hands since they are constantly exposed to them. The digestive system, respiratory organs, nervous system, skin, eyes suffer due to constant exposure. This can be the cause of birth defects, cancer etc.

C. Organic food is good for health:

Pesticides act at the cellular level, leading to mutation of the cells. This can cause a rise in dangers such as cancer and other health problems. If children and infants are given non-organic diet, they are exposed to these health risks since they are susceptible to health problems. Everyone should opt for an organic diet, and this should particularly include children and infants as their health is our responsibility.
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