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Is it time for organic skin care

Yes it is time for organic skin care. There is no better time to take corrective action and arrest the process of aging but now. However, it should be done naturally. Aging is a natural process, and no one can escape it. However, we can definitely do something about how gracefully we age and how little of the effects of aging show on our bodies and faces.

No two people age at the same rate or in the same way. Moreover, some of us escape most of the bad effects of aging and others are not so lucky. There is a lot that one can do to conceal the superficial signs of aging and also control how it makes our bodies degenerate.

The very best organic skin care is to control and take corrective action on our lifestyle. Lifestyle factors can be changed and that too in a completely natural way. We can stop smoking, and we can change our diet. These are two things that reflect on our skin, and if we stop smoking and start eating natural food, the effects will show on our skin in a very short time.

A balanced all natural diet will ensure that we consume all the essential nutrients and this will improve our health and our skin. This does not require supplements and any chemicals. Exercise along with the balanced all natural diet will also take care of our skin not superficially but will positively impact it from inside.

After this, we need to aid the healing process and maintain the skin tone by using skin care products. This is an increasingly confusing area since there are so many products that are touted to be organic but are not effective and good. We need to choose our skin care products carefully. Here are some tips:

Contents to avoid

Mineral oil: Also called liquid paraffin, paraffin wax. Mineral oil is cheap and so is commonly used. It clogs the pores causing acne

Dioxane: It is a chemically formulated coconut derivative. There is nothing organic about it. This is suspected of causing cancer. So avoid it.

Perfumes: These are downright dangerous as they contain known carcinogens. Avoid them at all costs.

Parabens: Often listed as methyl or ethyl paraben, improves the shelf life of the product, but can cause allergies and rashes, prolonged use can cause cancer and affect the endocrine system

Alcohol: Can strip the skin of essential oils

Contents to look for are natural organic products that you can understand. Do not get confused. We know most of the organic products that go into skin care. Some that you do not know are CoQ10, a natural antioxidant, Cynergy TK which stimulates collagen production of the body.
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