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Should a guy use body cream with collagen and elastin

Well, the answer is yes. Consider this, you will be spending time and money to by creams to put on your body, so why not buy something that helps you firm your skin and get rid of wrinkles. That being said, you need to be aware of the products available in the market since many products that supposedly are anti wrinkle creams do nothing but moisturize the skin. Check the product label for the magic words collagen and elastin, and then check if it does anything to help your body produce these proteins naturally.

Moreover, to be entirely effective the cream must also have the following:

1) Your body cream should nourish the skin. For this it should give your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients. A quality anti wrinkle cream for men must nourish the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. As one grows older the body’s natural reserves get depleted and the body cream should contain natural things that make the skin look healthy. The product should contain vitamins and essential nutrients in a form that gets absorbed by the body.

2) An effective men's body cream must protect the body surface. There is a very thin film of oil on the skin surface, it is acidic and has a pH of about 5.5 which wards off bacteria and toxins. The body cream must form a defense against the environment to help the natural oils.

3) It must be antioxidant. Any body cream worth buying should protect against free radicals. This is especially true for men since they are more vulnerable to aging because of free radicals. These free radicals attack collagen and start the wrinkling process.

4) The best men's body cream should offer UV protection. The sun rays cause harm to the body and this dries up the skin. Many skin care products contain UV protection so do check up and buy one that offers adequate protection.

5) The highest quality body cream for men will help replenish collagen and elastin. As mentioned above Collagen and elastin are absolutely vital for any body cream to be effective. They reverse the signs of aging. Aging causes loss of these two proteins in the body. Be aware of the fact that many creams have these proteins but in forms where they can not be absorbed. You need a cream that stimulates the body into increasing production of collagen and elastin.
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