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When should you buy organic

It is indeed a much better choice to make organic food the normal diet for you and your family but sadly organic food is expensive and it can be out of reach for most people. So you can balance your expenses by choosing when to buy organic and when you can buy non organic food. There are foods that can be considered safe even though they are not organic.

1. Avocado: They have a thick skin that protects the food from chemical residue of pesticides. However, do ensure that you rinse it in water before you peel it open.

2. Banana: Again this is a fruit which has a skin that will be discarded. Buy them when they are yellow with tips that are green. They can ripen on the kitchen counter.

3. Pineapple: This has a spiny and thick hard skin that protects the fruit inside.

4. Kiwi: It has a fuzzy skin that acts as a barrier. However, do ensure that you rinse it thoroughly before eating.

5. Mango: This is another fruit that has a thick skin that is discarded, hence safe to eat non organic. However rinse before eating.

6. Papaya is another such fruit. Rinse the fruit, peel it and discard the peel before eating.

Vegetables that are safe to eat even if they are non organic

1. Asparagus: It is a vegetable that is safe from pests. You can buy them non organic. As with the fruits rinse it thoroughly before cooking.

2. Broccoli: Another hardy vegetable that pests seem to not like. So it is safe to eat.

3. Cabbage: Similar to the above two, it is hardy, relatively ignored by pests so does not need too many pesticides. You can discard the top leaves so that you do not need to contend with pesticides at all.

4. Onions: They also do not face many pest threats so are not overloaded with pesticides.

The rule of the thumb here is to buy fruits and vegetables that have thick peels which will be discarded while cooking from the conventional sources. However if the vegetable or fruit has a thin skin, you should ensure that you purchase these from organic sources. You do not need to take a risk with your health and the health of your family. Always take care to rinse the fruit or vegetable prior to using them even if you are going to discard the peel.
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