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Eat food and not fossil fuels

The current system of farm products production and distribution does not really help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. In fact the system consumes more fuel than our eating food. Some of the factors that one should consider for facilitating reduced greenhouse gases and climate changes are detailed below.

Pollution due to Transportation

Transporting through sea is economical and the whole voyage through sea costs less than transporting them by rail or road. Hence people do not mind importing foodstuffs from various places and transporting them through the sea. So far they have not understood the implications of this. Ships use inexpensive bunker fuel that contains very high quantity of sulfur which is a highly polluting fuel. According to an estimate, the pollution caused by 15 of the largest ships in the world is equivalent to the pollution caused by 760 million cars. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has reported that 60,000 persons die prematurely per annum due to shipping emissions. You might find that importing lamb from New Zealand and transporting it by ship is cheap because it does not account for the cost of damages that occur to the climate because of excess pollution.

Fertilizer Production

It has been established that in order to produce one ton of fertilizer, you require 33,500 CFT of natural gas. Most of the natural gas used is shale gas which is an unconventional energy source and is quite cheap at present. Another item required for fertilizer production is peak phosphorus. This is very essential for growing food. Artificial fertilizers produced using natural gas and phosphorus ensure the continuity of our food system. However the sources of these are getting depleted. In the olden days -150 years ago – human waste and urine were collected and used in the nearby farms. This has stopped with the introduction of natural gas supply using pipelines. It is advisable to use the human waste and urine for growing food locally, thereby avoiding artificial fertilizers and phosphates and their transportation. Sweden captures urine in a separate pipeline for its phosphorus content for agricultural purposes.

The problems of Seasons

There are certain agricultural farm products which are grown only in specific seasons. For example lettuces are not produced during winter season in UK and are imported from Spain. It is possible to produce lettuces in winter season in UK provided they are grown in greenhouses. However this is expensive because of the high energy required for heating greenhouses. This is one of the cases where many people feel that it is justified to import items under such circumstances instead of depending on local goods. Are they justified?

It is advisable to eat the vegetables that are available locally in various seasons by changing your lifestyle, thereby avoiding unnecessary transportation of goods which in turn increases the greenhouse gas production. You must limit your imported item purchase to only those items that are not at all available.
Problems of Distribution

The present distribution system follows a hub and spoke model of distribution. This envisages a large central warehouse from which items are distributed to various warehouses. Organizations like Local Food Plus have come out with a model wherein they connect the farmers directly with consumers on a peer-to-peer basis. This is useful in reducing greenhouse emissions to a large extent.

Ideally you must consume local food irrespective of the season you are in. This will drastically cut down on the greenhouse gases. This is easier said than done because it requires lots of changes in the food system organization and distribution.

People's Health Series - Coenzyme Q10 and Its Active Form: Ubiquinol

The paperback edition of the book 'Coenzyme Q10 and its Active Form: Ubiquinol,' talks about a supreme nutrient supplement CoQ10 (also known as Ubiquinone) and its active antioxidant form Ubiquinol (available in supplement form). The book's introduction is given by Dr Gian Paolo Littarru, who is the world's foremost experts on Coenzyme Q10 and is the chairperson of International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA).

CoQ10 is a vital nutrient naturally present in every cell of the human body. CoQ10 and Ubiquinol are highly essential for the generation of cellular energy and smooth running of the organs in our body (for e.g. heart, liver, kidneys, etc). Their supreme antioxidant properties provide protection against free radical damage. These supplements are known to support cardiovascular health, promote cognitive function, and improve the nervous system.

Coenzyme Q10 and Its Active Form: Ubiquinol - Nutritional Support for Heart Health, Peak Energy, Antioxidant Defenses and More is published by Vibrant Life Publishing. The book presents a culmination of physician's recommendations and testimonials from users who have enjoyed the many benefits of this marvelous nutrient.

For optimal health with today's nutritional value of food it has become an imperative to supplement your diet with the healthiest nutritional supplements. coenzyme Q10 has become a staple of healthy living through organic products that keep to the highest standards.

Recent research has shown that many of the common diseases and health issues that face Americans are caused by metabolic stress which is a build up of toxins in the body from daily activities. It is the powerful antioxidants our body needs on a daily basis that removes these toxins from our system. Daily intake of antioxidants can prevent the build up of toxins and prevent metabolic stress. Many of the diseases that cripple Americans can be prevented with daily intake of powerful antioxidants.

Even people who live healthy produce free radicals that need to be removed by antioxidants. Free radicals are a by product of producing energy so the more you exercise the more important antioxidants are to remove the harmful waste that has built up from all your hard work and healthy exercise. Daily intake of antioxidants may be one of the best things you can do for your health.

One way of looking at supplementation of healthy nutrients is you can either pay a little for daily supplements or pay a lot for prescription drugs later.

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US Mint Offers 2010 American Buffalo Gold Proof Coin

The 2010 American Buffalo Gold Proof coin is now available as the US Mint just released it as of June 3, 2010. This version is the collectors version as compared to the 24 karat gold bullion coin that was released earlier in 2010.

2010 Proof Gold Buffalo

The new coin's design goes back to the original 1913 Type I Buffalo Nickel. The new Buffalo Gold coin has the portrait of a Native American Chief followed by a buffalo standing on a mound on the reverse side. These collectors coins are struck with ounce of 24 karat gold.

The initial price of the new American Buffalo Gold Proof coin is set based on the US Mint's numismatic gold coin pricing policy at $1,510. As of right now the US Mint has not applied for any ordering limits.

The 2010 American Buffalo Gold Proof coin is available much earlier than last years proof gold coin which was released in October of 2009. Once the gold proof coin is released it is available for sell for only 5 months.

Paper Bags or Plastic bags: Every Thing You Need to Know

You may not know that the question of paper or plastic is a far bigger question for eco friendly conscious people than you would think. The use of plastic bags is much more rampant in the market than paper bags because of many reasons and one such reason is that the cost of plastic bags is much less than the paper bags.

Manufacturing of Paper Bags:

The manufacturing of paper bags is a long and complicated process. These bags are made from the trees and they have their environmental cost as well. The use of trees for making these bags is not good for the environment and the forest habitat. This results into long run damage to the ecology. Also the cutting down of trees and carrying them to the manufacturing units requires the use of heavy machinery and the transportation then consumes much of the fuel. After these trees reach the desired place, there is a long process of drying the trees and extracting the pulp, then bleaching and washing of the pulp and adding the color, etc. This whole process requires a lot of resources which can be otherwise utilized for better reasons.

After Use of Paper bags:

There are different possibilities like either you can compost them or throw them or you can recycle these bags. The recycling is again a complicated and tricky process and requires the use of a lot of resources again.

Manufacturing of Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags are made completely differently from the paper bags. Plastic bags are the side products of oil and are produced by the refining process of oil. The big resource input which is used in the production of plastic bags is the energy in the form of electricity.

Recycling of the Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags are recycled but it is not an easy process and requires the melting and casting of the plastic again. This is also an energy consuming process and after the recycling, the quality of the plastic gets hard and this cannot be recycled again.

Which bag to use: Paper or Plastic?

The comparison between these two bags can be made by looking at the energy consumption, environment emissions and all other costs of recycling and production. According to some statistics, plastic bags are better as they consume less amount of energy and other air emissions while paper bags consume more resources than the plastic bags.

So to support the go green cause, the bags which consume less of the resources should be used.

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Ravishing Passion Fruit Nectar for Alluring and Delicate Lips

Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm by Alba Botanica Hawaiian Lip Care Range

Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm is a compilation of essential oils and Aloe Extract that keeps lips adequately supple, soft, and desirably enticing, while flavoring them with Passion Fruit Nectar.

Organic Coconut Oil, rich in essential fatty acids & anti-microbial elements; nutrients rich Jojoba Seed Oil; and Vitamin E derived from Wheat Germ, deeply nourish, heal, soften, soothe, protect, and moisturize the lips. In addition, Aloe Extract, which is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural enzymes, proteins, and humectants, forms a protective shield on the surface to ensure no further chapping and damage to the lips.

Safe for all skin types, the Passion Fruit flavored Lip Balm is an absolute must have for all those desirous of keeping their lips petal soft and appealing.

Organic Lip Care Lip Balm Directions:
Apply daily. Reapply as needed.

Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm Organic Hawaiian Ingredients:
Organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, organic ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, organic beeswax, passion fruit flavor, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed wax, ammonium glycyrrhizate, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, passiflora incarnata (passionfruit) fruit extract, allantoin, glycine soja (soybean) oil.

Organic Lip Care Standards:
• Hypo-allergenic
• No artificial colors, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates or parabens.
• 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing
• No animal testing
• 82% certified organic ingredients

Size: .15 oz (4.2 g)

Global Warming and Coffee Production

Coffee is known to be an all time favorite relaxing and refreshing drink of people in the western countries as well as people in India. In India, coffee is believed to be the traditional drink. Coffee producers have been seen complaining of late about Global Warming affecting the growth of their coffee crops. As the temperature is becoming higher and higher, the coffee producers say that the coffee crops are going at a risk of being highly priced.

There is an International Coffee Organization (ICO) that has 77 countries registered under it. The committee for this organization is in charge of the import and export of coffee beans.

Coffee is a drink that is a favorite drink of all and contributes to major part of export to many countries like Brazil, Indonesia, etc. But of late the coffee producers have been very keen about Global warming affecting their crops and thereby in turn affecting their livelihood.

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is now trying to make assessment for guaranteeing the sustainability and the rise in demand for the production of coffee. It is being seen that there is a huge raise in the demand for available resources between the energy firms and the farmers. There is huge amount of competition for land and water and this competition is by producers of energy and producers of food.

In Latin America, the production of coffee crops declined to a large extent because of the poor climatic conditions. The coffee producers in Latin America have given a statement which says that they are hostile to stay buoyant.

Colombia is again known for its coffee production. They are known to be one of the largest coffee producers in the world. The production in Colombia dropped 30-35 percent. In places like EI Salvador and Costa Rica, there was very poor growth of coffee crops between the years 2000 and 2005. The producers have still not been able to cope up with the heavy losses that they incurred in the years 2000-2005.

There is an association called the National Coffee Association, which is located at Guatemala. In Latin America, there are about nine countries that are expected to suffer from loss due to poor harvest of coffee crops. The expected fall in these coffee producing countries is about 28 percent that will be seen in the first couple of months of the harvesting season.

5 Essential Tips for Money Saving

Probably the worst possible thing to do on the ”America Saves Week” is to run out of the house and buy a gift for someone as that action would simply defeat the main objective of the holiday. America Saves Week 2010 which is run between February 21st and 28th is a campaign held nationwide which involves over 1000 corporate, government and non-profit groups which encourage families and individuals to save money and build up personal wealth. This week is definitely the best time to get your financial structure in order and start up with your new-year resolutions if they contain any “Spend less, Save more” mottos.

Now let us consider some important tips:

• A fiscal-fast trip- It is better if you swear that you would cut off expenses for a few days or a whole week (which is the best way to go) and save that did-not-occur expenditure to your treasury and use it later when the need arises such as paying off pending debts. This fiscal fast not only helps saving your money but also lectures you how to minimize wastage and how easy it is to save and spend it on things which are worth it.

• Develop the practice of spending procrastination- When you spend with discretion, it is always helpful for foregoing the temptation regarding the purchase of certain things today and buying the same tomorrow. Many surveys prove the above statement in a strong way. Just control the temptation and stop yourself from purchasing a particular item you see in the store today and make the purchase after a week or so. There is a heavy chance that you might think again and not buy the product at all.

• Autopilot your finances- Have all your incomes and paychecks march right into your bank deposits which include automatic allocations into investment accounts and designated savings. Then ask your creditors like the insurance company or a credit card company to withdraw all payments automatically from your account every month. By doing this you will never be late for a payment and never have a missed fee any time.

• Make only cash payments- Many studies prove that you are most likely to purchase something and are ready to pay more for that product if you purchase it with a credit card. The probability of this happening decreases if you make cash payment.

• Learn from the mistakes: At the end of every year, ask yourself about the discretionary purchases you have made in that year and you will find out if you made any unnecessary expenditure. So learn from those mistakes and see to it that they never happen again.

Go Green Laundry Review - Best Eco Friendly Laundry Liquid Soap for Cleaning Clothes

How to make your laundry Green with natural ingredients including Biokleen Liquid Laundry Soap

Pack your food articles properly - Make it Green

Packed foods adore the shelf of every store. In fact, by packing, the shopkeeper tries to keep you away from the food article you want to buy. You are denied the opportunity of feeling the article before buying.

Why not packed food?

One interesting fact is that by properly packing the food, the life of the article increases. At the same time one does not know when the item was procured by the trader and when he packed it. Precisely speaking, one does not know how fresh the packed food is. As a matter of general principle, it is always safe to use organic papers or packaging materials instead of plastic. Alternatively, buy the food article in bulk; pack it well in small quantity using organic packing products. That retains the freshness of the article packed.

Packing cheese:

This is one of the most commonly used food product. Some of the manufacturers cut the cheese into small pieces and then over pack it also. Experts say that over packed cheese is over processed. Instead, buy the cheese in enough quantity and cut it into required pieces as and when required.

Raisins and other food products:

Here also, the Raisins and Prunes are cut into small pieces and they are packed. These individual packs are put in a plastic bag. The plastic reacts with the food articles and it may even spoil the food. Instead, buy the Raisins and prunes in required quantity, put them in small reusable organic containers and put them in a large organic box. Of course, this is exactly what the trader has done, but you put your actual requirement in individual reusable organic boxes. Unfortunately, while packing food articles most of the organic packaging procedure is not followed. The separate pack of food adoring the store’s shelf is a mere waste of space and time consumed in packing the item. Instead, one should buy it in large quantity and pack it at home using reusable organic packaging procedure. The strangest scene is pickles which are packed in small quantity. Why should one not buy them in large quantity and pull out the required quantity as and when required?

Packing lunch:

Another interesting packing is of lunch. The entire menu is packed separately in small quantity and then all these individual packs are put in one cover. In fact, now disposable covers are available and that is quite convenient and that is the best way to go green. That retains the freshness of the food article.

Are you Obese? Then think of how frequently you are using plastic articles in your daily life

Plastic is a combination of many chemicals. Researchers have found that most of the chemicals used in the making of plastic are dangerous to the human body. They say that these chemicals react with whatever materials are stored in the plastic and it becomes the source for many ailments.

How it reacts?

Some of the known reasons for obesity are lifestyle, eating habits and lack of exercise. Interestingly, researchers have found that Obesogenes, one of the chemicals used in the making of plastic has the potency to camouflage itself into a natural hormone. This camouflaged hormone then starts to react in a disastrous manner and it upsets the entire endocrine system. This ‘misled’ endocrine system starts to secrete more fat cells. Although fat cell by itself does not cause obesity, it makes it difficult to lose weight because it embraces fat.

Timing is important:

The reaction of Obesogenes during the important period of change of metabolic activities causes a change of metabolic mechanism. For example, the age of attaining puberty is very important in the life of every woman. Similarly the period of pregnancy and the period immediately after delivery of the child is another era of changing metabolic activity. Researchers say that reaction of Obesogenes, particularly during this important period of metabolic change will cause obesity.

Results of the research:

The experiments done so far are restricted to the animals like rodents, mice, etc. Researchers in the University of California say that behavior and making of fat cells in rodents and mice is exactly similar to that of human beings. Researchers have also found that those humans who are obese do have higher levels of Obesogenes. Of course the cause and effect of Obesogenes on the humans is still under study and no conclusions have been arrived at as yet. But correlating the results of research carried out on rodents and mice compels one to make a general conclusion that Obesogenes cause obesity. In fact researchers give one more example; a person who is not obese could be a voracious eater but he is still thin. A person who is obese and practices strict diet still gains weight! This is because the person who is not obese has less of Obesogenes compared to the person who is obese!

With all these results, the scientists are of the opinion that Obesogenes present in plastic takes the person to the road to obesity.

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Sustainable Coffe Set to Surge in Brazil

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Rainforest Alliance, IMAFLORA and the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC, for its name in Portuguese), sustainable coffee is set to surge in Brazil, the world's largest coffee-producing nation. By combining the ABIC's industry connections and IMAFLORA and the Rainforest Alliance's on-the-ground knowledge of responsible coffee production, the organizations hope to increase awareness of the Rainforest Alliance within the Brazilian coffee industry in order to increase domestic demand as well as the total supply of certified coffee. The collaboration will also help to educate the national coffee industry about environmental stewardship, biodiversity conservation and the enhancement of rural livelihoods.

Importance of Renewable energy to fight global warming

The world is totally dependent on electricity as a source of power. Electricity is being produced using all possible technologies; hydroelectric, fossil technology like coal, uranium, solar technology, wind technology, etc. Of all these methods, hydroelectricity, solar technology and wind technology are considered to be the safest procedures to produce electricity. Ecologists fear that all other methods like fossil technology and using uranium for producing electricity will cause imbalance of the ecology sooner or later.

Solar energy:

In fact, this was one of the main issues discussed at the UN climate conference held recently in Copenhagen. One of the most favored views was to shift to solar energy as an alternative energy or renewable source of energy. Scientists estimate that to meet the present energy requirement of about 15 terra watts, about 340 square miles of land will be required; which is almost equal to 3% of the surface of America.

Can we produce so much energy?

Scientists say it is certainly possible. However, there are some skeptics who say that solar energy is not available throughout the year and in every place across the globe and so it cannot be depended on as a source of energy. But the scientists rule out this theory. They say that the safe power generation technology now being used viz., hydroelectric, solar and wind technology put together can produce about 40 times more energy than the present consumption level. So they say renewable energy is certainly possible and would become a reality.

What is holding this up?

Some say that it is the energy producing companies who are holding this up because they need to invest in billions for the changeover. But the governments have to play the role of catalyst. The solar energy can be produced in small quantities to meet the needs of the local wards, etc. This is one of the ways to meet the demand for power. Further, the government should help the electricity producing companies to restructure themselves to solar technology. Then the companies will certainly take up producing electricity using solar energy. In fact, solar energy and wind energy are the two safest and cleanest forms of producing electricity.

Although this may involve huge investment; considering the benefits, it is certainly worth investing in such projects. The governments all over the world have to give serious thought to this to save this planet and to arrest the depleting natural resources. This is the best remedy to the problem of global warming.

The planet needs your support for healthier food

The food we grow should be healthy and should be free from pesticides and other artificial ingredients which are most dangerous for the living creatures in this world. It also spoils the environment and in the long run the entire atmosphere in the world gets spoiled. It would lead to a situation where the world may become unfit to live for the future generation. The remedy for this situation is to practice sustainable farming.

Sustainable farming:

The answer to such a situation is to take to sustainable farming. By practicing sustainable farming we protect the environment, protect the health of the soil, cut the cost of production and add value to the product the farmer sells. This is a three pronged attack to save the world without affecting the interests of people. This protects the nature and the ecology and therefore it is beneficial for everyone. Therefore, by this method, the need of the present is met and we do preserve what is needed for the future generations by a mechanism of balancing the natural and human resources. Considering the advantages both in the short run as well as in the long run, many countries across the globe are eagerly attempting to shift to sustainable farming as the best answer to make the world a fit place to live.

Seasonal crops:

Mother earth knows what we need. So, depending on the geographical location and the local weather condition, nature has given us fruits and vegetables which are apt for the climate where the person lives. For example, apple which is grown in one part of the globe is suitable for the particular weather condition prevailing in that region. In fact, it may not be beneficial for those living in the other part of the globe. Therefore, the ideal situation is that those living in the respective region should eat products grown there instead of taking fruits and vegetables grown in the other part of the globe. By this process, fresh fruits and vegetables can be consumed at the respective place where they are grown. But, we make an all out effort to transport the fruits and vegetables to other areas where they may not be beneficial because of weather conditions or geographical conditions of that particular region.

The information of seasonal crops and where they are available has been published. It contains a list of local markets where the seasonal crops are available. In fact, the details available are so exhaustive; they contain even the names of farmers or farms where they were grown, etc.

Off Shore Drilling: Worth the Oil or False Hope?

This fiscal year has seen many economic fluctuations on account of the consumption, production and the changes in the prices of oil. Off shore drilling of oil is now the trend as it is comparatively less expensive oil production but it has its own environmental effects. The environment faces many risks because of the off shore drilling of oil.

Off shore drilling is basically the extraction of oil beneath the floor of oil through the fields which are under the ocean. First time this part of technology was started in the year 1887. Now many countries are producing oil in the quantity of billions of gallons with this technology.

Effects of Off Shore Drilling on Environment:

There are many risks to environment which are associated with off shore drilling and these include:
• Discharge of toxins
• Danger for the marine life
• Destruction of the habitat on coasts
• Impact on the livelihood of the coastal residents, etc.

The most important thing related to off shore drilling is that the impact of transporting the oil is far more dangerous than the drilling itself. Transporting the oil through the pipelines is made through covering several hundred miles of the coastal areas and this is resulting into the erosion of coasts and is becoming a danger for the beaches.

Ban on the off shore drilling:

The US government has its right to make the legislation regarding the extraction of the mineral resources and the government had passed the law banning the offshore drilling for the time period of 1981 to the year 2008 because of the risks to the environment, but this time period has ended now. Now the states can issue the license to the oil companies for the offshore drilling and Virginia State has already started giving license.

Impact of Lifting Up the Ban on Environment:

The immediate impact of lifting up the ban from off shore drilling is still not known but there is some psychological impact for sure. This is the general thinking among the citizens that US has more oil resources which can affect negatively. This can make the citizens believe that their country has plenty of oil to become energy independent.

The fact is this that drilling the oil takes a lot of time ranging from five to ten years. So the impact of this will come in the long run.

Offshore drilling must be avoided in order to avoid the environmental risks and to make the earth green.