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Why use organic cleaning products

First let us understand how cleaning products behave in the atmosphere. Once they are used, they are released into the environment either due to evaporation of volatile components or due to rinsing down the drain. It is pertinent to note here that Janitorial staff which is exposed for the maximum amount of time to cleaning products show the effects of the hazardous chemicals used, like skin problems, irritation of the eyes, and even allergies and cancers.

Once these cleaning products reach our waters, marine life is exposed to them. This is particularly dangerous in cases of imperfectly treated or untreated wastes. This causes dangerous mutations and health problems in the marine life, which, when eaten by humans compromises their health too.

Some cleaning substances contain volatile organic compounds which affect the offices and other spaces in which they are used. When released outdoors, they contribute to smog formation.

Since using chemical cleaners creates such a dangerous impact on the environment, it is definitely desirable to use organic cleaning products. Organic cleaning products are healthy for the environment. They are biodegradable and do not leave toxic waste residues which means they are definitely good for the planet and also living creatures. Continuous use of such products improves the quality of air indoors, and also reduces the harmful effects on water and air. Moreover they can effectively remove contaminants from the building, and organic wastes in any case are less hazardous.

So how does one choose one’s cleaning products? Of course we need cleaning products that work, and do not impact our budget needlessly. So while purchasing a cleaning product one should take the price and the performance of the product into account. One should also check if the product has lower VOC or volatile organic compounds and other factors that can have environmental impact. If the product is made with resources that are renewable, it is desirous. Be careful about vague marketing terms like “environmentally safe” or “eco friendly” etc. Always inquire about these terms since they may mean nothing at all.

Your product should have the least amount of chemical substances that are corrosive and cause harm or irritating to the skin, eyes etc. Check if any content is a known human carcinogen or harmful to the reproductive system. Also check if any compound present is ozone depleting. Purchase products made from bio based solvents like pine oil, citrus, vegetable oil, has low VOC content. These are safe and organic.
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