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Green products - why should you use them?

There are many reasons to choose green products. What exactly is a green product? If you want a great example, think about the common plastic shopping bag. This is not a green product - it's the opposite of green, in fact. While the stores are no longer allowed to sell them, there are many that still litter our planet. These plastic bags are cheaply made. They do not last. In fact, they often break before you even get your groceries home! How can a society that claims to be modern thinking allow this kind of illogical waste? Luckily, things are starting to change. Everyone is going green. Even the big supermarkets have eco-friendly, reusable bags that you can be purchased for a small price.

Going green means saving lives. Think about all of the products that use ingredients made from animal. Do you life fur? Many people are disgusted by the sight of leather and fur these days. It's no wonder. Think about the way that these animals are killed - just so that you can have a new fashion item. If you really want to go green, you should only buy products that do not harm animals in the manufacturing process. Are you aware that some cosmetic companies still use animal testing? How can we claim to live in a civilized society if this goes on?

Unnatural products and chemicals are slowly poisoning us all! Don't think that this is just hype. Do you use cleaning products? If you're like most people, you probably just buy whatever brand works best and sells for the best price. Where does this stuff go after you're done cleaning? Down the drain or into the garden? No matter where you put it - those chemicals are going to end up in our water ways. That means they will eventually find their ways into your drinking water, into the food we grow and into your body. This will eventually cause more sickness. We are basically killing our own species with chemicals. Don't do it!

In order to be classified as green - a product must be made in an eco-friendly way, out of natural, sustainable materials. Green products are products that don't destroy nature and wildlife. They don't spread toxic chemicals around the water system or through our soil. Don't help pollute the earth. Don't help to poison the planet and your children. Think green, be smart - keep the earth safe for future generations.
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