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How organic hair care products are different

If you are into organic food, then you should seriously consider using organic hair care products, organic clothes and organic cosmetics. Why wear harmful things and surround yourself with them? These are extremely harmful to us and also the planet. Organic hair products are safe and wholesome; they will keep your hair clean and healthy while being completely safe for the planet.

That being said, one needs to be careful. It has become increasingly common among product manufacturers to use the terms organic, chemical free, natural and environment friendly on the product packing without it meaning anything. This enables them to charge heavy prices without giving the consumer the true organic product.

You should exercise care. Your completely organic hair care products are different. For one, they will have botanical and natural ingredients. Read the product packing carefully. The label should list extracts that come from flowers, and this includes the essences too. Some of the hair care products have ingredients that are harsh and dangerous, and can cause cancer. Organic hair care products are different; they do not have such dangerous ingredients.

Avoid buying any hair care product that has Proplylene Glycol and Sodium laureth sulphate. Propylene glycol is used to keep hair soft and retain moisture. It is a strong irritant and can harm the skin. Repeated and prolonged use can cause kidney and liver damage. Sodium laureth sulfate is carcinogenic. Not only can it cause hair loss, it can also travel in your blood stream and give rise to health issues. There are some parabens that are also commonly used in hair care products that are irritants and cause allergic reactions.

As a general practice do not buy anything that lists an ingredient on the label that you cannot understand. If something contains flowers, essences, fruits and oils that you can recognize you can use them. If anything other is listed, avoid the product. It may not be organic to begin with, and it just may be very harmful to you.

One major deterrent to buying and using organic products has always been the cost factor. Always remember that it is not expensive to buy and use organic products. It works out cheaper in the long run, because you are only paying for the product, and not for any health issues that may arise from using dangerous chemicals. So be safe and buy organic. It is healthy and beneficial for you and the planet.
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