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How to Go Green- Fitness Workouts

During holidays as people have a lot more options and time for eating, they usually end up with a weight gain. Since the holiday season is followed by the wedding and party season; you get worried about your weight gain and try to work out to reduce the weight. This work out is normally either on treadmill or other electronic equipment which consumes a lot of energy and power resources. You can avoid all this wastage by following the green ways of workouts.

Tips for Green Workouts:

1. You can start your workout by staying at home. There are many exercises like yoga which only require a mat and you can start with your green workouts. So get some videos of such exercises and stay at home.

2. If you do not want to stay home, you can go outside and work out green by wearing a pair of joggers and jogging. Hiking and climbing at local hill station is also a very good and green way for workout.

3. You can also join the gym as the cost which you are going to pay for the purchase of your own equipment is much more than what you have to pay at the gym. Also you can workout for couple of months to reduce weight at the gym and then a simple daily walk and jogging will help you maintain the weight.

4. It will be very good if you join a group of people while walking or jogging outside as it will help you follow the routine. You can share the equipment with the team and this will save money at everyone’s end in the team.

5. If you want to get the best results of the workout, then avoid using food in any of the processed form and eat fresh and organic as much as you can.

6. It is difficult to get time daily for the exercise and this requires a change of routine and lifestyle at your end. You can workout by walking to the office or the postal office or to the nearby shopping mall instead of using bike or car. This will save fuel and also help you workout.

7. You can use the recycled or used equipment for the exercise by looking at internet or the local market and this will help you to stay green by avoiding the wastage of resources on the purchase of new equipment.

8. Use a dress for exercise which is made up of sustainable fabric.
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