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Why choose 100% organic toys for your child?

Need for organic toys:

Children are attracted towards the toys because of the color and the shape of the toys. Some of the manufacturers of toys use materials which are artificially prepared. Researchers have shown that artificial products cause many ailments. So it affects the health of the child. They cause serious ailments like allergies, asthma and even cancer. Therefore a need has now arisen to provide our children with organic toys which are manufactured using organic materials. Such toys are available in the market and the child will be safe by using such organic toys. While playing, children have the habit of putting the toys in their mouth. If the toys are made using chemical substances, the chemicals would enter the body of the child and this affects the health of the child.

How safe are organic toys?

Organic toys are eco friendly. They do not harm the health of the child. The products that have gone into the making of the toys, say for example wood, are not exposed to any type of pesticides. They are free from chemicals and hazardous paints, etc. Many types of eco friendly organic toys are made out of wood. A toy made out of cotton cloth is another example. These products are now available in the market. Although they may cost little more than the other toys, organic toys are the safest and therefore it is worth investing in them. Stuffed animals, spoons, etc. are some of the best examples of organic toys. Even if the child puts these toys in his mouth, they do not cause any harm. So parents can safely give these toys to the child.

Their impact on environment:

Made of natural products like wood, cotton, etc., they last long. They can be repaired and reused. So they do not cause any burden on nature. In a situation where the toy needs to be discarded, it is not a burden on nature. This is because, in whatever form, it is a natural product. So nature will be willing to accept the discarded natural product into its fold. It is not so in case of artificial products. For example toys made out of plastic, even after years of their discard, nature will not accept the plastic products. On the other hand, plastic products even spoil the soil condition and therefore in whatever form, plastic is dangerous and not eco friendly.
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