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The planet needs your support for healthier food

The food we grow should be healthy and should be free from pesticides and other artificial ingredients which are most dangerous for the living creatures in this world. It also spoils the environment and in the long run the entire atmosphere in the world gets spoiled. It would lead to a situation where the world may become unfit to live for the future generation. The remedy for this situation is to practice sustainable farming.

Sustainable farming:

The answer to such a situation is to take to sustainable farming. By practicing sustainable farming we protect the environment, protect the health of the soil, cut the cost of production and add value to the product the farmer sells. This is a three pronged attack to save the world without affecting the interests of people. This protects the nature and the ecology and therefore it is beneficial for everyone. Therefore, by this method, the need of the present is met and we do preserve what is needed for the future generations by a mechanism of balancing the natural and human resources. Considering the advantages both in the short run as well as in the long run, many countries across the globe are eagerly attempting to shift to sustainable farming as the best answer to make the world a fit place to live.

Seasonal crops:

Mother earth knows what we need. So, depending on the geographical location and the local weather condition, nature has given us fruits and vegetables which are apt for the climate where the person lives. For example, apple which is grown in one part of the globe is suitable for the particular weather condition prevailing in that region. In fact, it may not be beneficial for those living in the other part of the globe. Therefore, the ideal situation is that those living in the respective region should eat products grown there instead of taking fruits and vegetables grown in the other part of the globe. By this process, fresh fruits and vegetables can be consumed at the respective place where they are grown. But, we make an all out effort to transport the fruits and vegetables to other areas where they may not be beneficial because of weather conditions or geographical conditions of that particular region.

The information of seasonal crops and where they are available has been published. It contains a list of local markets where the seasonal crops are available. In fact, the details available are so exhaustive; they contain even the names of farmers or farms where they were grown, etc.
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