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Importance of Renewable energy to fight global warming

The world is totally dependent on electricity as a source of power. Electricity is being produced using all possible technologies; hydroelectric, fossil technology like coal, uranium, solar technology, wind technology, etc. Of all these methods, hydroelectricity, solar technology and wind technology are considered to be the safest procedures to produce electricity. Ecologists fear that all other methods like fossil technology and using uranium for producing electricity will cause imbalance of the ecology sooner or later.

Solar energy:

In fact, this was one of the main issues discussed at the UN climate conference held recently in Copenhagen. One of the most favored views was to shift to solar energy as an alternative energy or renewable source of energy. Scientists estimate that to meet the present energy requirement of about 15 terra watts, about 340 square miles of land will be required; which is almost equal to 3% of the surface of America.

Can we produce so much energy?

Scientists say it is certainly possible. However, there are some skeptics who say that solar energy is not available throughout the year and in every place across the globe and so it cannot be depended on as a source of energy. But the scientists rule out this theory. They say that the safe power generation technology now being used viz., hydroelectric, solar and wind technology put together can produce about 40 times more energy than the present consumption level. So they say renewable energy is certainly possible and would become a reality.

What is holding this up?

Some say that it is the energy producing companies who are holding this up because they need to invest in billions for the changeover. But the governments have to play the role of catalyst. The solar energy can be produced in small quantities to meet the needs of the local wards, etc. This is one of the ways to meet the demand for power. Further, the government should help the electricity producing companies to restructure themselves to solar technology. Then the companies will certainly take up producing electricity using solar energy. In fact, solar energy and wind energy are the two safest and cleanest forms of producing electricity.

Although this may involve huge investment; considering the benefits, it is certainly worth investing in such projects. The governments all over the world have to give serious thought to this to save this planet and to arrest the depleting natural resources. This is the best remedy to the problem of global warming.
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