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How to Go Green- Work from Home

You can also work to support and promote go green by working from home as it will help you to save a lot of power consumption and also it is a very good way to go green. You can opt to work from home rather than going to office. The concept of working from home sounds ideal and there are many people who are working from home but it is not as easy as it sounds. This requires maintenance of a good working atmosphere at home and it has great emotional and productive benefits as well for those who think that they can work better at home with a space. This will help you to avoid the production of carbon which you otherwise might be producing through the consumption of car fuel and disposable boxes of lunch, etc. This article will give you some great tips through which you can work from home with productivity and also you can manage to go green.

Tips for Green Work from Home:

1. The first thing to start your green work from home is to discuss the idea with your current boss. You can ask him to allow you to work from home even once or twice a week and it can make a great difference to the environment. But if your employer refuses to agree, you must look for some other job which can facilitate you to work from home. You can also think of starting your own business to go green.

2. You can also help to promote go green by changing your office environment into a green work place and it will surely help you to increase the productivity of your work place.

3. The next thing you can do is the selection of your desk where you will spend most of the time while doing work. Avoid using any desk which is not made up of environment friendly material. Prefer to choose a wooden desk which is sustainable or any metal desk which is non toxic.

4. You must look for a good seating adjustment as you are going to spend the whole day while working on the computer and your sitting posture can affect your neck, back and shoulder muscles. You should choose a chair which can support you to have a good seating posture and for this also prefer the sustainable wood and non toxic material of dye used on the chair wood and fabric.

5. Computer is a must tool for work but the choice of computer is also important. If you are going to use computer for simple tasks, then avoid having any complicated processor and prefer some simple processor. Try to buy the EPEAT certified computers and laptops as they are made up of less toxic materials.

6. Since you need to stay in touch with a lot of people while working, you must prefer the equipment which is green.

7. Avoid having a stock of pens and papers on your desk and try to keep it green by limiting it to couple of pens and a few papers.

8. If you are keeping your record online, then you must avoid using paper and it is a great way to go green.

9. Working from home is green but it will also affect your social interaction and you must keep your life social by going outside daily for a walk as it will help you to stay healthy and active.
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