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Protein Deficiency Symptoms

Proteins are those macronutrients that are really essential for every person irrespective of age and sex. Eating protein rich food in the daily meal reduces appetite. In addition it also provides the power that is used by the body to convert the proteins into carbohydrates by the process known as Gluconeogenesis. There are several other important roles of proteins as well for example they are essential for body because they have nitrogen that is useful and is even must for the production of antibodies.

Now-a-days most of the people suffer from the problem of excess weight. They try several things to get rid of this problem. So if you are worried for excess weight as well, then proteins are there to help you a lot. It is so because proteins also help to lose the weight. Thus there are several advantages of proteins and its deficiency can lead to severe problems.

High protein foods help in the proper functioning of the immune system. Proteins also help in maintaining the health of your nails, hair as well as skin. In addition, proteins also help in production of enzymes.

The general amount of protein that an individual require is mainly dependant upon his/her age, health as well as weight. Normally, adult women require 0.75g/kg proteins while adult men require 0.84g/kg. However, 1kg of proteins is mainly required by people above 70 years and breastfeeding women. So the man who is of 75kg in weight would require 63g of proteins daily.

The requirement of proteins of adolescents and children vary as per their weight and age as well. It is must for every person to have sufficient amount of protein rich balanced diet in order to maintain the proper protein level in their body. Some best sources of proteins are: eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, lentils, beans, nuts, pulses, whey as well as soy products, grains (wheat, barley, corn etc.)

Thus, from the above briefing you would surely know about protein’s significance for your body. People who are not aware about such facts and are happy with their unbalance daily diet mainly develop protein deficiency symptoms that are just symptoms for the bigger problems afterwards.

If a person suffers from low energy, fatigue, depression, muscles weaknesses etc, then these signs are counted as protein deficiency symptoms. However, they may or may not happen just because of protein deficiency. There may be several other reasons behind them as well. Some specific protein deficiency symptoms found in most of the people are Fatigue, lethargy, decreased mass of muscles, edema in feet, hand or even in abdomen, impaired healing of wound etc.

It is often seen that people mainly who are vegetarian and who do not take balanced diet suffer from the problem of protein deficiency. If they include balanced ratio of grains, vegetables, dried beans, soy milk, vegetables etc in their meals, then they would never suffer from such protein deficiency symptoms. In addition, peanuts and other types of nuts are also key source of proteins. However, those who are non-vegetarian and eat egg, meat, beef, poultry, fish as well as dairy products, rarely have protein deficiency symptoms.

Some common protein deficiency symptoms that indicate that your body requires some extra amount of high protein foods are: Weight loss, muscles wasting, weakness and fatigue, frequent infections, sever edema (retention of fluid), slow development and growth in the children. In addition some specific type of protein deficiency symptoms are: Kwashiorkor, pluckable and brittle hair, alopecia, decreased pigmentation in hair, meuhrcke’s lines in nails, delay in healing of wounds, decubitus ulcers, crazy paving and flaky paint dermatitis, etc.

These protein deficiency symptoms can lead to some emotional as well as mental risks such as: apathy, anxiety, depression, irritability, moodiness, intolerance, mental alertness decrement, concentration, comprehension, increase of hunger and weight and many others serious problems. Thus, protein deficiency could prove as a major cause to make mental health of an individual weak and poor.

In addition, above protein deficiency symptoms can incorporate some physical risks like: gallstones, cold intolerance, fatigue, fainting, weakness, gouty arthritis, cardiac disorder, anemia, headaches, lean tissue loss, edema, hair loss, thinning of hair, hypotension, muscle cramps, death etc.

Thus it is very important to take proper protein rich diet in the food. It is advisable that as soon as you see any of the protein deficiency symptoms you must pay attention towards it and plan your food accordingly so as to improve your required protein level.
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