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Climate Treaty in Copenhagen will Impact Generations to Come

If you haven't heard about the how the meetings in Copenhagen next month will impact our global climate than you are not one of the conservationists who are biting their finger nails. Next month in Copenhagen is a meeting of decision makers that will affect our planet's future for climate, forests, and wildlife for generations.

Did you know that every years more acres of from tropical forests are destroyed causing greater increases in CO2 than is emitted from all of the planes, cars, and trains on the planet combined.

Deforestation is one of the #1 causes of increased greenhouse gases affecting our global climate. Next month is imperative that supporting efforts to keep our lush tropical forests intact is a priority.

The current climate treaty called the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. The new treaty next month in Copenhagen has the ability if they chose to have even greater impact on our overall climate and planet's health. The decisions made next month will have long lasting effects on our future generations.
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