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Are you Obese? Then think of how frequently you are using plastic articles in your daily life

Plastic is a combination of many chemicals. Researchers have found that most of the chemicals used in the making of plastic are dangerous to the human body. They say that these chemicals react with whatever materials are stored in the plastic and it becomes the source for many ailments.

How it reacts?

Some of the known reasons for obesity are lifestyle, eating habits and lack of exercise. Interestingly, researchers have found that Obesogenes, one of the chemicals used in the making of plastic has the potency to camouflage itself into a natural hormone. This camouflaged hormone then starts to react in a disastrous manner and it upsets the entire endocrine system. This ‘misled’ endocrine system starts to secrete more fat cells. Although fat cell by itself does not cause obesity, it makes it difficult to lose weight because it embraces fat.

Timing is important:

The reaction of Obesogenes during the important period of change of metabolic activities causes a change of metabolic mechanism. For example, the age of attaining puberty is very important in the life of every woman. Similarly the period of pregnancy and the period immediately after delivery of the child is another era of changing metabolic activity. Researchers say that reaction of Obesogenes, particularly during this important period of metabolic change will cause obesity.

Results of the research:

The experiments done so far are restricted to the animals like rodents, mice, etc. Researchers in the University of California say that behavior and making of fat cells in rodents and mice is exactly similar to that of human beings. Researchers have also found that those humans who are obese do have higher levels of Obesogenes. Of course the cause and effect of Obesogenes on the humans is still under study and no conclusions have been arrived at as yet. But correlating the results of research carried out on rodents and mice compels one to make a general conclusion that Obesogenes cause obesity. In fact researchers give one more example; a person who is not obese could be a voracious eater but he is still thin. A person who is obese and practices strict diet still gains weight! This is because the person who is not obese has less of Obesogenes compared to the person who is obese!

With all these results, the scientists are of the opinion that Obesogenes present in plastic takes the person to the road to obesity.
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