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Pack your food articles properly - Make it Green

Packed foods adore the shelf of every store. In fact, by packing, the shopkeeper tries to keep you away from the food article you want to buy. You are denied the opportunity of feeling the article before buying.

Why not packed food?

One interesting fact is that by properly packing the food, the life of the article increases. At the same time one does not know when the item was procured by the trader and when he packed it. Precisely speaking, one does not know how fresh the packed food is. As a matter of general principle, it is always safe to use organic papers or packaging materials instead of plastic. Alternatively, buy the food article in bulk; pack it well in small quantity using organic packing products. That retains the freshness of the article packed.

Packing cheese:

This is one of the most commonly used food product. Some of the manufacturers cut the cheese into small pieces and then over pack it also. Experts say that over packed cheese is over processed. Instead, buy the cheese in enough quantity and cut it into required pieces as and when required.

Raisins and other food products:

Here also, the Raisins and Prunes are cut into small pieces and they are packed. These individual packs are put in a plastic bag. The plastic reacts with the food articles and it may even spoil the food. Instead, buy the Raisins and prunes in required quantity, put them in small reusable organic containers and put them in a large organic box. Of course, this is exactly what the trader has done, but you put your actual requirement in individual reusable organic boxes. Unfortunately, while packing food articles most of the organic packaging procedure is not followed. The separate pack of food adoring the store’s shelf is a mere waste of space and time consumed in packing the item. Instead, one should buy it in large quantity and pack it at home using reusable organic packaging procedure. The strangest scene is pickles which are packed in small quantity. Why should one not buy them in large quantity and pull out the required quantity as and when required?

Packing lunch:

Another interesting packing is of lunch. The entire menu is packed separately in small quantity and then all these individual packs are put in one cover. In fact, now disposable covers are available and that is quite convenient and that is the best way to go green. That retains the freshness of the food article.
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