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Why Organic Baby Products

We have pushed the earth to use her tolerance limits. We use many things because we must. From morning till night, we use many products that are potentially harmful not only to the user but to the entire globe. The right choice is to go for eco-friendly products in every sphere of our life. Organic baby products are one such line where we can make a difference.

The most prominent among them is using biodegradable and natural organic diapers.

Every year people use millions of cloth and disposable diapers for babies. These diapers are disposed off and they reach landfills. These diapers using chlorinated material, plastic lining, and other such compounds are a threat to our earth and water. These compounds can cause problems to the babies on whom these products are used.

You can, instead use non chlorinated, totally organic cloth diapers. And you would be helping your environment and your child. These diapers are made from wool, hemp, cotton etc. You can use natural cloth wipes in place of disposable wipes which contain chemicals. The non biodegradable fibers used in them are also harmful to the earth.

People use diapers on babies because of the convenience factor. However, in choosing convenience over environmental consciousness, we are merely depleting our own natural resources.

Baby feeders are another product that is harming the environment and the baby. The reason is that there is a chemical called Bisphenol-A or BPA found in plastic bottles. Due to repeated use, it leaches to the milk and then to the baby’s body. This chemical has been found to cause liver cancer and affect reproductive system in mice.
Being a little more careful while choosing bottles for the baby can help us in solving this problem. Either use glass bottles or use #5 bottles. These bottles are not only recyclable but have also been found not to leach out the BPA. However, these bottles will have to be constantly checked to examine for scratches, cracks and chips. Silicone nipples are ideal provided they are of the highest grade.

Other organic baby products like environmentally responsible laundry soap can also help in conserving our environment. Plant based, bio-degradable and one hundred percent natural soaps are non-toxic,, non chlorine, non enzyme, dye free, petroleum free and hypo allergenic. Therefore these are very safe for the baby.

Organic clothing made of cotton or wool that is free from pesticides and toxic dyes also helps the baby and the planet earth.

We need to shift to using organic products so that our future generations and the planet are saved from harm.
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