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Green Living - What You Need to Know

The world has had progress for many decades now and has understood fully well that growth, in many ways, has taken us away from our healthful living. Therefore many of us are going back to a green living. It is a healthy living, saves us a lot of money and saves our environment. Living green is not only for us, it is also for the sake of the earth because it saves the earth from the damaging global warming.

Living green is not very tough. We can do it easily if we follow some basic things.

Love our planet. Use organic stuff which also includes hormone free products.

Grow more trees and get more oxygen. Plastic covers are convenient but very damaging for the environment. Use reusable packages.

Conserve water. Avoid wastage of water when washing dishes or clothes, check leakage of taps and use sprinklers for land watering.

Do not eat processed food. Eating fresh food is beneficial for your health and for the health of environment around you. Processed food involves the use of packaging. Fresh food grown in your own garden can help in your good health.

When building a house, try to build a traditional type of house which is closer to nature than a house with modern commodities but a claustrophobic and artificial feel. Build a house that can give you an opportunity to use natural light to the maximum. Have ventilation that will allow the circulation of cool air inside your house. You will automatically use lesser of air conditioning and therefore reduce the production of the CFC’s which are potentially damaging to hundreds of our generations to come.

You can use bamboo flooring which looks trendy and is eco friendly also.

You can switch over to the use of eco friendly lights and bulbs. They might cost more initially but they run longer than the normal ones.

Use lesser amount of energy by learning to use water with slightly lower temperature than the usual. Turn off extra lights during the day or when you do not need them. Use detergents with eco friendly ingredients.

Recycle often. Free cycle oftener. Try to share what you cannot use and try to transform what can be recycled. Show your interest in recycling or free cycling to your local authorities. They can suggest many changes. Research more on the subject and see how you can help in the recycling of our day to day material.
Get and give education on living green to your friends, family and community.
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