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The latest craze that's good for us all - going green!

Going green is a very popular term these days. With all of the hype surrounding it, you might be skeptical. What exactly does "going green" mean? Why should you go green? What kinds of green products are there on the market? How to do I help to make the world greener? There are many different statements flying around about green products - but here are the facts.

So do you want to help save the planet? Do you want to buy products that aren't made using wasteful methods? Are you sick of hearing about horrible chemicals that are being used in common house hold items? There are things you can do to change this. Buy green products. Try to be less wasteful. Recycle whatever you possibly can. Don't help add to landfill. Going green is about thinking of ways to get things done using as small an amount of natural resources as possible. Don't be wasteful. Every time you go to throw something away, remember that it can be reused if you are willing to put in the effort. If we start to change our ways of living, being green is going to become a lot cheaper and more efficient. It can only get better, the greener we go!

I know some people might need more convincing. If it's not enough to help the environment, the economy and the future of our children - how about this. Take a look at the labels on some of the items you have around the house. Check out the toys that your son or daughter plays with. Do they every chew on their toys? Plastic toys are made from some pretty horrid stuff. It is often toxic and should be nowhere need a child. It should definitely not be used to make children's toys! Look at the cleaning products you have. How about the stuff you use to clean your dishes? Even that may be bad. Cleaning products that aren't green contain a large assortment of harsh chemicals. They get into your skin. They go down the drain. They make their ways into our water ways and then there's no stopping them. They end up getting into the very earth, contaminated our soils. Every time you eat or drink, you're taking in some chemicals that are left over from all of this senseless waste. Is that enough to make you want to go green? It should be!
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