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Why Use Organic Toys

Babies and children are a precious segment of our population. They need to be protected from harmful chemicals and toxic dyes used in the manufacturing of the toys they play with. A safe alternative to use is to use organic toys.

Toys are the first product that the children get to touch and play with. A majority of toys have plastic, toxic paints, lead poisoning and other evils. Therefore it is important to have a toy that is safe and can entertain, stimulate and educate the child without harming the child’s health.

The first three years of a child’s life are very crucial for the development. The child grows emotionally, mentally, physically and educationally. The child gets to know about the family and the world around. The child tends to put everything in the mouth without understanding if it is bad or good.

The toxins present in plastic toys are absorbed in through the skin, hands and saliva. Many times you would see toys becoming brittle and breaking. It is the phthalates present in the toy. These chemicals are very harmful to the baby. Apart from these chemicals, other chemicals found in these toys are dyes and stuffing made from petroleum foam.

Therefore, as parents, it is our duty to protect the children from these toxins in phthalates which make toys soft, pliable and twistable for the children who chew on these soft toys. It is important that organic material is used to make the toys which go into the mouths of the children.

Sometimes we buy toys made from wood thinking that it would be organic too. But this wood is often pine wood and these wooden toys are made from chips of wood glued together by toxic glues which emit harmful vapors and potentially harmful chemicals.

These chemicals irritate eyes, nose, lungs and skin. Allergies, cold, rashes, asthma are a result. Later problems in mental development are also seen in children exposed to these toxins. Endocrine and hormonal problems and even autism result from this exposure.

In order to protect the children from these harmful after effects of a childhood full of toxic toys, we must ensure that the toys we buy for them are organic and help in their mental development. The use of organic wool, cotton, and wood in the production of the toy would not only be good for your baby, but also for the future of the earth.
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