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Does Organic Food Need to be Washed

All fruit and vegetables need to be washed – yes even organic. You must do this even if there is no dirt or soil clinging to the food. Fruit and vegetable are handled by the growers, the transport people, the packers and then the store people. You never know what bacteria the food may be carrying. So as a normal practice do wash the food so that your family eats food that is clean and healthy.

Follow the proper washing technique to ensure that your fruit and vegetable are healthy to eat. This is true for all food products even organic. It is an excellent practice to wash all your organic food under a strong stream of water. Soil contains bacteria and this, in addition to natural fertilizers, can be harmful to health. So why take a chance?

Actually properly aged manure does not contain bacteria, but we can not be sure that the manure has been aged for a long time. It is better to be safe and wash the produce so that any contact with manure is washed away.

Organically grown salad mixes are pre-washed and packaged. Even then, it is a good idea to open the package and run the food under a strong stream of water. You can then toss it dry. It just takes a few moments and you will have ensured that your food is properly clean and healthy to eat.

We all know that conventional food is dangerous and this is why we have shifted to organic food. We can definitely take the time out to make the effort to ensure that any contaminant that may have come in contact with the food product due to handling is also eliminated. This is why organic foods need to be washed. It is irresponsible to even consider not washing them. Washing does not take away from the freshness of the produce or the myriad health benefits the food will give us and our families.

It is simply common sense and household hygiene to wash our food, rinse it, wash our hands and eat off clean plates. I have yet to meet any one who says that organic food does not need to be washed. We need to eat clean food, and washing ads to the health benefits. So next time you pick up the organic peach or apple or are fixing some salad greens, wash them under a stream of water, toss them dry and then eat them.
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