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Why Eat Organic Food

Eating habits are truly formed in our childhood. It is definitely easier when our parents have put healthy food on the table and we grow up eating such food. When we were children, we just ate what our mother put on the table. Those days nobody had heard of organic food. However, we were fortunate. Our mother cooked whatever grew in our garden. So we grew up eating natural and organic food.

Why eat organic food? Well let me explain. Our body needs nutrients to maintain health. These nutrients are absorbed from the food we eat and the food we do not eat.

Food can broadly be categorized as belonging to three major food groups, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Each of them has their own role in maintenance of body health. We need each and every one of them.

If you do not eat fat, as people commonly do, then you will develop a deficiency in fatty acids that are so important for the body. Your body will begin to starve. It will send hunger signals and you will end up over eating.

This can work in another way too. If you eat hydrogenated oils, they will inhibit your body’s capacity to absorb nutrients. This will also lead to your body sending out hunger signals. These oils are artificially created, and are simply not beneficial to you. You should avoid taking hydrogenated oils. Nutrients are very important for health, right down to our body cells, and one should avoid anything that inhibits their absorption.

These days we get many foods that are non-organic and grown with the help of chemicals. This is dangerous since chemicals do not help the body in any way. They do not give the body any nutrients. They change the body, right down to our body cells.

We need to understand what processed food is and how it is made. While processing food, nutrients are leached out of it, leading to a tasteless and bland food. So manufacturers add food additives to replace the taste. Food additives are chemicals and they do nothing good for our bodies, instead they harm the body. We can simply not replicate what occurs naturally in nature. Moreover our bodies are adapted to the nutrients in the same proportion as what occurs naturally. This cannot be replicated by our science.

The best thing we can do for our health is to eliminate processed food and go for organic food. We owe it to ourselves and our health to make this choice.
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